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Jewelry is the external expression of beauty and harmony which ornament the body, giving character and personality to the person who identifies with the jewelry they've chosen. My aim is that each piece I make transmits authenticity and connects with the most sublime part of our nature. My work is artisanal, hand crafted and made of sterling silver, 18k gold, gemstones, pearls, kiln fired enamel and other materials.

Alex de Haro, a Barcelona jewelry designer and artisan, has always been fascinated by structures, spaces, nature and the essence of places. Architecture, sculpture and industrial design were all disciplines that inspired him, being surrounded by impressive examples in his native city of Barcelona. However, it was travelling and the direct contact with metals, since his parents were artisans (his father being a silversmith, and his mother specialising in kiln glazed enamel works) that provided him with the impetus to design and create jewelry as a way of life.

He maintains his passion for traveling and his trips usually become rites of passage to self knowledge opening his perspective of the world at both a human and spiritual In 1993, at the age of 23 he initiated the family company Haro Bosch specialising in modern jewelry. In 2009, he started his own company Alex de Haro Contemporary Jewelry...



Isharya was launched as a passion project in 2004 when sisters-in-law Gauri and Radhika Tandon noticed a lack of high quality, Indian inspired fashion jewelry. They set about creating a jewelry assortment consisting of embellished wood and resin jewelry, chandelier earrings, intricate cuffs, and bold cocktail rings to address this void, and named the line ISHARYA after their kids - IShaan, ARmaan and ArYA. Their unique products quickly drew the attention of editors, stylists, celebrities, and retailers who wanted to purchase their jewelry. In 2007, to cater to the demand, they decided to dedicate themselves full time to turn their passion project into a global fashion jewelry brand, while raising their children.

With the co-founders based in Silicon Valley and Mumbai, each Isharya collection strives to express a California chic aesthetic with the allure of Bollywood glam for a truly global feel. The brand is now carried by fine retailers in over 60 countries and has a fast growing ecommerce and social media presence that caters to their global clientele.

Isharya jewelry is handcrafted by artisans and is made upon order with materials available at the time. As such, no two pieces will ever look alike. Please handle with care and store in its own soft cloth pouch...

Jungle Chick


Irma Bravo is a US-born, Venezuelan designer. Her innovative work is a marriage of architecture and fashion, and of natural and digital inspiration.

Growing up on an oil campus in Western Venezuela, with seas to be discovered and skies to be explored, she gained a thirst for travel and a deep love and understanding for humanity from a very early age.

Being equally drawn to the creative freedom of aesthetics and the technical fundamentals of design, she pursued studies in both architecture and fashion design. As a leading student in her Parsons graduating class, she landed a coveted job at Elie Tahari becoming Senior Fashion Graphic Designer, directing and managing the design of all textiles, labels and packaging for the brand.

Ever since, her designs have been incorporated into the collections and projects of Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Club Monaco and The Rockwell Group, among others.  Also, she has provided consulting services for the likes of Jason Wu and Gulietta. Versatile and prolific, Bravo’s best-selling designs also encompass home furnishings presented in her ongoing line for Sacco Carpet, a high-end New York based carpet showroom whose clients include The Carlyle Hotel, Mandarin Oriental and Le Cirque....

Lucas Jack London


Lucas Jack was set up in 2006 and offers sleek, sophisticated and fashion forward jewellery with a value for money ethos. The range has a strong and clean aesthetic and features some great statement cuffs, cocktail rings and jeweled drop lady-like earrings.

Founded by ex-investment banker Nick Bartley, who “wanted to create jewellery to be worn, to be bought and to be enjoyed”, the combination of luxurious and directional style with an attainable and affordable price point, has been a winning formula.

Lucas Jack can be found in the leading department stores such as Harrods in London, Le Bon Marche in Paris and Fred Segal in the Los Angeles.

Using Resin stones in an array of colours, and all plated with 24 Karat gold, none of which is mined but instead made from recycled scraps, Lucas Jack is ethical as well as sleek and fashion conscious, with a percentage of all online sales donated to a children’s charity. Thanks to this social awareness and a strong, sleek, clean aesthetic, it’s no surprise that the Lucas Jack brand can now be found in more than 400 retailers in over 30 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States....

Miriam Salat


Miriam Salat designs jewelry that is an extension of herself; a traveler, adventure- seeker, fashion lover, and intellectual. The result is innovative design and an emphasis on new ways to wear jewelry. Her namesake collection of resin and cubic zirconia was launched in 2010 following the vast success of Bochic, a fine jewelry line that she designs with husband David Joseph. Statement earrings, stacked bangles, oversized cocktail rings, and striking, rich color combinations are a signature of the line that pairs vintage motifs and modern forms.

Not only a jewelry designer, Miriam has advanced degrees in civil engineering and psychology. Her creative and adventurous side has led her to explore the jungles of Papua New Guinea, visit ethnic minorities in Vietnam’s northern mountains, and climb frozen waterfalls in Boulder, Colorado. Miriam resides in the Upper West Side of New York City, with her husband and two young daughters.

Sai Brazil


A native of Rio de Janeiro, where she has managed her own design studio since 1990, Andrea Kruman has been creating distinctive jewelry and accessories for twenty years. The natural beau of Brazil, from its rainforests and wildflowers to its incredible variety of gems and minerals, is at the heart and inspiration of her designs. Andrea's creations are truly pieces of wearable art which combine the startling colors, hypnotic lines and sensual rhythms of her exciting homeland...



Born in Belgium, raised in New York City and a graduate of the famed Fashion Institute of Technology. My interest in art started at an early age by applying my skills through all mediums from paint to photography. Only recently have my passions brought me to jewelry design. I want to create a line that represents the diversity in society, not to follow a trend, but create what inspires me and this line will allow me to do that. Adding classic touches, tribal twists and modernistic forms I hope to create something that stands out from the rest, catches your interest, sparks your creative side and inspires your soul to glow.

The Leather section is where you can find my one of kind, handcrafted leather pieces.. Some can be custom ordered in your choice of colors and all are made to order by me. The quality of the leather used and the durability is like no other. The leather making process is my meditation and having 20 years experience, I assure you a most unique purchase you will cherish forever.

Christine Atrach


I asked you to close your eyes and think about fashion, what comes to mind? Of course the clothes, but in an actual style guru’s mind, it’s always Accessories and Jewelry!

Ladies and gentlemen meet Christine Atrach, skillful Jewelry Buyer and Jewelry Designer. As part of the talented designer combo promised in my last interview with haute couture designer Dany Atrache, his sister Christine gives readers an exclusive look at a new dimension of the fashion world that people haven’t had the chance to explore.

Christine Atrach, founder of Avenue Chic, is born in Beirut and based in New York. She carries around 60 brands from designers all over the world and distributes the pieces she selects to prestigious boutiques, stores, and fashion stylists for celebrities and photo shoots. A true aficionado for international styles and unknown designers, her job allows her to reach a vast audience, she picks her pieces with her clients in mind and offers a vast selection that fits everyone's taste. Excitedly, she shares how her choices embrace all age groups with a sophisticated edge...



EVOCATEUR collection of alluring, art-driven jewelry fuses innovative design with glamorous sophistication. Featuring 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf, our designs reflect a love of the traditional and ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary. The jewelry’s inimitable style features striking images inspired by old world civilizations, African safaris, romantic impressionistic gardens, as well as abstract renderings and whimsical designs. Other pieces are embellished with authentic hand-set vintage treasures from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. Capturing the art and luxury of handmade jewelry, each piece becomes a modern heirloom, evoking memories and stories. Collected and coveted by women worldwide, ÉVOCATEUR celebrates modern style with an eternally chic aesthetic. For Founder and Designer Barbara Ross-Innamorati, the love of fashion, art and design has always been hardwired into her creative DNA. Many years ago, Barbara became fascinated with and passionate about gold leaf, particularly the way it can transform even the most ordinary objects into something extraordinary and magical.

For Founder and Designer Barbara Ross-Innamorati, the love of fashion, art and design has always been hardwired into her creative DNA. Many years ago, Barbara became fascinated with and passionate about gold leaf, particularly the way it can transform even the most ordinary objects into something extraordinary and magical. As someone who always loved jewelry, Barbara went on a mission to adapt 22K gold leaf to jewelry design.

Karine Sultan


Karine Sultan originally started and flourished in Paris, France then relocated to Los Angeles, California in 2007.  For over two decades, Karine has been a major player in French fashion jewelry selling well over 5 million pieces to date. Her newest line, Karine Sultan Jewelry, is thus the result of a remarkable 20-year journey in creative jewelry design and craftsmanship.

Her entire line is a work of art exuding mystery, timeless beauty, while exhibiting Karine’s designs are a reflection of her audacity, ambition and unique vision of the world. Whether it’s hammered or brushed, each piece is the result of expert manipulation of basic metals making every single piece of Karine Sultan Jewelry truly unique.

A go-to for Hollywood Stylists, Karine Sultan Jewelry has been seen on many of the world’s most fashionable celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Joan Rivers, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nicole Scherzinger, Giuliana Rancic, Carmen Electra, Morena Baccarin, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Camille Luddington… to name only a few!...

Sylca Designs


Sylca Designs was created from the love and bond between a Mother and Daughter and the passion we share for art and helping women feel confident. We love to teach women how to wear unique, statement jewelry and let go of the age old excuses “I’m too short”, “I’m too old” or the classic “it looks great on her but not me” Our favorite thing to do is to take a simple outfit and add some sass to it with one of our signature Sylca pieces.

Our inspiration for each piece comes from the world around us. We love to bring nature and design together to create a work of art in each design.  But really what makes us happiest is being able to follow our passion while giving back to the women who help handcraft each and every piece. Sylvia & Camila“it looks great on her but not me” Our favorite thing to do is to take a simple outfit and add some sass to it with one of our signature Sylca pieces...

Ted Rossi


Ted Rossi NYC was formed in 2003 to smash this ubiquitous and confining language associated with fashion today. Our mission -- to design leather accessories for the discerning buyer; to create accessories that transcend all fashion language barriers and would be unconventional. Not limiting. Perhaps they could be called urban or edgy…

The Ted Rossi Collection includes jewelry + handbags comprised of ultra- luxurious EXOTIC SKINS, then fused with touches of metal and loads of bling - Swarovski Elements.  By combining these exciting materials, shapes, and colors in a fashion-forward approach, Ted's designs exude luxury, attitude, and sophisticationThe Ted Rossi Collection is made in the USA from only the highest quality leathers and exotic skins available, including genuine python, viper, and lizard, to name a few.

Already having been featured in virtually every prominent fashion publication and seen on numerous television programs, including WWD, Vogue, Italian Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, Lucky, US Weekly, Town & Country, Marie Claire, Oprah Magazine, Allure, Nylon, Teen Vogue, People...



Laurel leaf is a plant used as a seasoning. A seasoning is an edible substance added to food to make it more flavorful to the eater. In this same way, accessories are to clothing as the condiments to food.

Laurel was born in April 2010 as an initiative of the designers Lucrecia de Leon and Lucía Benítez in response to the need of creating their own path within the fashion industry. It designs, develops and manufactures female accessories that combine author design, locally sourced materials and local labor.

Laurel is an Uruguayan brand. Uruguay is recognized on a global scale by its Cattle production. This Industry derives in by-products such as leather and wool, which are the main textile raw material produced in the country.

Consequently, Laurel chooses to work mainly with leather, which is known for being a native, noble and excellent material. Every piece of leather used by our brand is selected directly from where it is produced: the main tanneries in the country.

Laurel offers contemporary and versatile products that gather craft with new processes and technologies.

Laurel´s philosophy implies constant quality and warmth on what is done as well as working with the conviction that the design process must be done “inside out”:  From heart and intuition rather than from pure trend...